Entertainment Schedule

Friday October 7

Oval Stage

5:30-6:30pm – Joe Birch

6:30-7:00pm – Opening Ceremony

Citizen of The Year, Pumpkin Runner

7:30-9:00pm – Frankie Boy & The Blues Express

Community House Lawn Stage

5:45-7:00pm – Acoustic BS

7:30-9:00pm – The Mighty Colors

On The Street Around The Festival


Red Trouser Show

Saturday October 8

Oval Stage

10:30-11:30am – Justin Cohn

12:00-1:15pm – Crescendo’s Gate

1:45-3:00pm – Earth Mamas

3:00-4:45pm – Brett Wilson and Friends

5:15-6:30pm – The Incidentals

7:00-9:00pm – Ballou Brothers

Community House Lawn Stage

10:45-11:30am – Kukuleles with Amy Conley

11:45am-12:30pm – Justin Jordan

1:00-2:00pm – Fox and The Flamingos

2:30-3:30pm – Chris Roberts with Special Guest Katie Roberts

4:00-5:15pm - The Robyn V. Group

5:45-7:00pm – Swipe Left

7:30-9:00pm – Fatha Groove

On The Street Around The Festival

12:00-2:00pm & 3:00-5:30pm

Flying Gravity Circus

Sunday October 9

Oval Stage

10:00-11:00am – April Cushman

11:15-12:30pm – The Bar Hoppers

1:00-3:00pm – The Slakas

Community House Lawn Stage

10:45-11:45am – Tom Rousseau

12:00-12:45pm – Glitter Tooth

1:15-3:00pm – Rumblefish

Around The Oval

Be On The Lookout For The Surprise Flash Mob

Sometime Between 11:00 and 12:00


Kathy Blake Dance Studios